Some of you may remember the posts written on the previous incarnation of this blog; a lot of the posts related to round trips to the hospital and were a total yawn-fest, they were the posts that convinced me to give up the blog in the first place, it was so dull writing about the same stuff day-in-day-out.

A website exists that allows the user to look back in time. It’s called the Wayback Machine (link opens in a new tab) and it takes you to previously stored versions of your favourite website. Not all pages are available but, in this case, I was able to salvage a fair number of posts.

I’ve weeded out the rubbish and the repetitive hospital posts and have plonked the others into the Archive section. If you want to see how utterly na├»ve I was prior to the amputation, that’s the place to go. For example, in one post I’m talking about what I expect to happen at the hospital, the things I’ll be taking in with me and so on – and it’s all horseshit – I thought I was going to be in for 7-14 days, the reality was 2 days, I thought I’d be starting physio and rehab whilst in hospital, the reality is that it took 4 months before I could even get an appointment, I thought I’d be using crutches whilst in hospital, the reality is that crutches are considered the Devil’s work (although they still gave me a pair and set me loose on them after 2 days in bed, and with zero training) …and so on. It’s quite eye opening.

Read them, don’t read them, it’s up to you, but they’re there anyway.

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