Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full…

I’ve had a busy day. I’ve started a couple of new projects that will remain secret squirrels for the time being. I’ve also been up and about on my new leg [I decided to call the leg, “The Doctor”, after Doctor Legg in EastEnders [that was Christine’s idea, blame her] and was able to get round to see our friends the ‘Tards yesterday. I last got to their spiffy new house at Christmas, but it was shit because they didn’t bother making their new house wheelchair-friendly and I had to leave after an hour because I needed a pee.

The ‘Tards house still isn’t wheelchair friendly [Nazi’s] but now I have the Doctor I don’t care. I was able to use their steps, I was able to walk outside, I was able to sit on their wall [which pissed one of them off no end] and I was able to drink their coffee, even though I was given the “Stupid Twat” mug… told you they were Nazi’s.

Today has been a workshop day. I can’t discuss the main project as it’s a secret for the time being, but the other stuff is out there, only I’m not going to discuss that either because I have a Facebook page set up for work, head on over to the Winklewood page and you can see what I’ve been up to, if you want, and if you don’t want, screw you.

We’re off to Chester Zoo on Thursday. We last went this time last year, it was our first trip after I left Hospital and it was essentially a gift from my pal Fatbloke, a gift I’ve not forgotten. Lots of people helped us in our hour of need last year and it made me feel all cosy and fuzzy inside, a bit like indigestion, but nicer, and with less poo.
I’m hoping the weather is good on Thursday or I won’t be able to go. It’s far too soon for Doctor Legg, I can’t use him for more than a few minutes at a time which means it’s the wheelchair for me. That becomes a major drama if it rains because I get to sit in a wet seat all day. Everyone else can put their hood or Umbrella up and whilst I can do the same, the rain would definitely get onto the chair cushion and that would suck balls. My Mum is lined up to Bob-sit if we all go, and if I stay then she’ll take my place with Chris and the boys and Bob and I will spend the day being blokes.

I have only one more thing to add today – TOP GUN SCREENING – that’s right. The good people at Wicksteed Park in Kettering are putting on a screening in August. I’ll add a link soon. I’ve emailed them to see if they run the carer scheme for film screenings, hopefully they will because I plan on using the saved money to buy cardboard and sellotape… one F-16 wheelchair coming up! Seriously, I’ll update with a link and will let you know about the ticket thingy once they reply. I like Wicksteed, I used to go a lot when I was a nipper but that was about 200yrs ago and I expect a few things have changed since then… do they still have the Pirate Ship?

Later, groovers.

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