Time to say goodbye

Around three weeks ago our TV decided to start dying. I say ‘our TV’ but it’s technically mine as it was a Christmas present from Doris about 5yrs ago. She’d actually given me a voucher for a full-sleeve tattoo but when I contacted the artist he’d changed the parameters and a full sleeve turned into a standard size tattoo so I decided to ditch that idea and we wandered off to Curry’s to buy our first Smart TV instead [I’m just that rock and roll]

We bought a Samsung Smart TV and it has served us well over the years. It no longer has a console hooked up because the boys pinched them and took them upstairs, but it does have an external Hard Drive which contains hundreds of movies.

The TV decided to start dying without warning. One minute it was fine, the next there was a large area of shadow across the bottom of the screen, so dark that it makes reading the channel information nigh on impossible.
We held off because Amazon had been promising a deal on TV’s during it’s “Prime Day” [which lasts 2 days] Sale. As it turns out we’re buying our new TV from Argos because they have the same thing, cheaper than Amazon and they’ll give us a £10 voucher too. Doris is off to pick the new machine up later.

I’ll be sad to see my TV leave but time marches on and things aren’t built to last more than a few years. I tried to save my old mate, I’ve rebooted, I’ve followed several sets of Internet Instructions [it’s a common fault on Samsungs] and I’ve even called Tech support [first time ever] all to no avail. The dude at Samsung couldn’t give a shit that the TV lasted only 5yrs, and that’s why we’re buying a Toshiba today, or a Panasonic, I can’t remember, it’s not a Samsung though.

This isn’t the most exciting tale, I know this, but I don’t care.


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